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Visitor Information

Parents are welcome to visit the school. All visitors must sign in and out in the main office, provide identification, and are required to use our school identification process.  All visitors must wear a visible visitor’s badge/sticker. Student visitors are not permitted on campus. Visitors not on the student contact list are not allowed during lunch without prior approval by the principal. A parent needing to see his/her child during the school day should report to the main office.

Visitors can be asked to leave by administrators at any time. Visitation privileges can and will be revoked if deemed necessary by administrators and SROs (School Resource Officers).  If you need to visit a teacher, please call the school office or email your child’s teacher to make an appointment. Scheduling a visit will help to prevent disruptions to the educational process.

Visitors are not permitted on the playground during school hours, nor are they permitted to stand or park near the playgrounds. The school will contact Owasso Police Department to report loitering individuals near the property.

Should you have any questions, please contact our office at 918-272-5399.