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To best communicate with you, we encourage our parents to "Like" the pages that represent our school!  The pages are "Open" pages and posts from them will appear on your Facebook feed once you have "Liked" the page. The links below will take you to the pages.


Grade Level Facebook Pages


We highly encourage our parents/guardians to be a part of the groups that correspond to their children!  These pages are all "Closed" groups.  That means you will need to request membership to join. These are excellent for day-to-day communication, images, and videos of what is going on, here at Bailey. We love to highlight our students and their day! Plus with it being a group, any addition to your child's group automatically sends you a notification! In order to locate the appropriate group, just search the group title listed below in black. You will then request to join. 

  • Pre-K:                 Bailey Pre-K 2022-2023

  • Kindergarten:   Bailey Kindergarten 2022-2023

  • First Grade:        Bailey First Grade 2022-2023

  • Second Grade:  Bailey Second Grade 2022-2023

  • Third Grade:       Bailey Third Grade 2022-2023

  • Fourth Grade:    Bailey Fourth Grade 2022-2023

  • Fifth Grade:        Bailey Fifth Grade 2022-2023