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Arrival & Dismissal

Procedures for Bailey Families

Morning Procedures

Arrival Window for OPS Elementary Schools: 8:45 AM-9:00 AM 

Bailey is a hub of activity in the mornings and student safety is our top priority.  Please assist us in making sure students arrive at school safely.  If someone other than yourself is responsible for getting your child to school, please make sure they are aware of our procedures. Bailey Elementary does not open until 8:45 in the morning.  Any student arriving before that time is not permitted inside the building and is therefore unsupervised. Please help us avoid any unsafe situation, such as this.  

Bus Riders

Masks are optional on school buses. Students are allowed to have a water bottle on the bus. No food is allowed. Parents are encouraged to look their child’s route information up in advance. Bus Route Look-upFor questions, contact the OPS Transportation Department at 918-272-2231.

Car Riders

Students that are brought to school by car, will enter the main lot on the west end of our campus off of 96th Street. Cars arriving before 8:45 a.m. may pull through to the entrance at the back. The drop-off line begins at the awning. Students are not permitted to exit the vehicle until there is a staff member on duty to greet them. Beginning at 8:45, there will be personnel available to assist children both outside and inside.

Walkers & Bike Riders

Students that walk or ride their bikes should time their travel to school to arrive as close to 8:45 as possible. Students arriving before this time are unsupervised. These students should practice respectful distancing while waiting and will enter through the front door when the school opens at 8:45.

Parking Parents

Our parking lot is a busy place. Parents are encouraged to remain in their vehicles and use the drop-off loops. However, if there is a need for parents to park their vehicle in the parking lot, parents MUST escort their child to the sidewalk or front door.  Please do not signal to your child it is safe for them to cross alone, an adult needs to accompany them.  Students are not permitted to enter the school until 8:45. Additionally, we have a morning drop-off loop that is quite active, which adds morning traffic, so please be alert when crossing.

Parent Access to the Building

Masks are optional. We appreciate your patience as our lobby access may be limited. All visitors are required to follow our kiosk check-in procedure.

Breakfast Service

Breakfast service begins when the doors open at 8:45 and concludes at 9:00. 

Student Arrival & Ram Rally

Students will report directly to their classroom or cafeteria if they are eating breakfast. Ram Rally will be conducted virtually across our school.

Attendance, Tardiness & Late Arrivals

We recognize that for the first few days of school students may not arrive at class on time. We will be working flexibly with all students to get them to their proper classrooms. Students will not be counted tardy during this time of adjustment.

Student health is a priority, and we understand that due to daily health checks, a student may be kept at home. Please communicate your child’s absence with our office that morning. 

We work hard to maintain a positive and welcoming school climate that both supports and encourages our students and the way we start our day together matters. Our tardy bell rings at 9:00 a.m. and students are considered tardy at that point as our morning classes commence. Students arriving late must check-in at the main office to obtain a tardy pass for class. We actively monitor arrival and attendance trends and may reach out to you to assist in supporting your child’s regular or timely attendance.   

Afternoon Procedures

Afternoons at Bailey are quite busy and fast-paced. We recommend a consistent daily dismissal plan for your child. Daily changes cause confusion for children and create opportunities for error and misunderstandings. Should your family have a need arise that causes a change to your daily dismissal arrangements, please notify your child’s teacher and receive confirmation of your request. If you are unable to get confirmation from your child’s teacher, please notify the office. Notifications arriving to our office after 3:00 may be unable to be fulfilled properly.

In the Area

While in the School Zone area of our school, please be sure to adhere to the following safety protocols. Adhere to all traffic laws and reduced speed requirements. Be alert for children, parents, and crossing guards in various locations. Please be alert and void of distraction while in our parking lot, loop, and surrounding streets. Please be vigilant about watching the parking lot for parents and students walking. Please yield to our buses that are entering and exiting our campus to assist them in traveling safely with our students and maintaining the timeliness of their route deliveries.

Car Rider Line Dismissal

Parents utilizing our Afternoon Car Rider Line will pull around back to pick up their child. Please be sure to pull to the left once within our lot in order to keep access to our parking lot available. Cars are not permitted to begin lining up until 3:25. At that time, you are permitted to pull to the in-lot crossing area, but please do not pull into the teacher lot or playground area until 3:35. While our line can appear quite long, we promise it moves swiftly.

The following request is on behalf of both the Owasso Fire Department and the Owasso Police Department. Please assist us in avoiding congestion on 96th Street, by NOT lining up before 3:25 in our Car Rider Line. Once the line reaches the main road, you may NOT stop on 96th Street due to emergency responders. If you block 96th Street you risk receiving a citation. To assist you, parents may park in Honey Creek and the Fairways housing additions. Cars must be parked legally, on the curb, facing the proper direction, and allow a full lane of traffic to be able to pass. Please practice good safety habits and teach them to your children when entering and exiting your vehicles in a situation with limited space and availability. *Should a parent choose to use this procedure, you would arrange for your child to be considered a “walker,” as they would walk to your vehicle or walk to meet you on the grassy hill west of our campus. 

Please stay off cell phones and keep alert while in the line for the safety of our students and staff. Parents will remain in their vehicles while we load students.  Once prompted by personnel you may pull forward.  There is a designated "Buckle Up Zone" just beyond the loading area.  To help us keep our line moving, please pull forward to secure your child's safety seat, if needed.

Bus Riders

Masks are optional on the bus. Students riding the bus home will report to the gym with their grade level and be seated in their appropriate bus line. Parents are encouraged to look up their child’s bus route information in advance. If you have any questions, contact the OPS Transportation Department at 918-272-2231.

Walkers & Bike Riders

We recommend a few safety tips for students walking home. Make sure students practice their walking route and know how to get home. Encouraging students to use a buddy system when walking is always a good idea. If they are riding a bike, they need to stay on the sidewalks, watch for vehicles, and adhere to the instructions of the crossing guards.

If your child is a walker and you plan to meet them after school, please collect them on the grassy hill to the west of the school. Please be mindful of your proximity to others and respect social distancing efforts. All students will cross to that location to walk home or meet up with a parent, students are not permitted to leave the line before crossing over. Please do not call or usher them from a parked car or parking lot or pull them from the line. We have specific safety measures in place to assist us in keeping students accounted for and safe. 

Other Coming & Going Procedural Reminders

Animals at Arrival & Dismissal

While it is tempting to bring up beloved pets to see your child off for their day or to greet your child after school, please refrain from bringing your family pets to school. Arrival and dismissal of a school can be busy and overwhelming for animals. For the safety of our students, families, staff, and pets, please keep them at home. We thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Deliveries to Students

We discourage deliveries of any type to our office, unless in the case of an emergency. If you are curious about the extent of the need, you can contact our office and we are happy to assist you. 

Student Birthdays

Student Birthdays are recognized within your child’s classroom, but birthday parties are not permitted. This includes bringing snacks, candy, or gifts for a celebration.

Specialty Items

Delivery of specialty items such as candy bouquets, balloons, cupcakes, flowers, etc., are not permitted.

Student Meals

Delivery of student meals is discouraged. Should your child forget their lunch, we will make sure they still eat.

Inclement Weather Pick-ups

We respect that at times during inclement weather you may choose to pick your child up early. However, we do ask that when picking up please be aware that when entering our office we may have young or worried ears nearby. Nothing concerns a student more than hearing fear or panic in the voice of an adult. We work diligently in our office to always remain weather aware, but also maintain a sense of calm and comfort for our students. We appreciate your support of our efforts in advance.

Playground Etiquette for Parents/Guardians

While it can be tempting to want to stop and watch your child play out at recess, parents and stopped vehicles are not permitted outside of our playground areas. We practice a safe space for our students and if you linger near our fence you will be viewed as a stranger and could cause unnecessary alarm as our teachers and staff notify the administrators and School Resource Officers should someone linger nearby. Please help us stay free from distraction and our students free from concern. 

We greatly appreciate the partnership of our parents. Thank you for your support of these procedures.