Teacher of the Year

Bailey Elementary annually recognizes and honors an educator that goes above and beyond in the field of education. This teacher is named as our Teacher of the Year. After being selected by our school site, teachers go on to compete at the District level.  


We are very proud of the tireless efforts these educators put for and we are inspired by their dedication!




Previous Teachers of the Year

2019-2020  Erin Robinson

2018-2019  Kaityln Cunningham

2017-2018  Betty Wright

2016-2017  Pam Goodell

2015-2016  Amy Toombs

2014-2015  Joan Vandegriff

2013-2014  Edith Dishman

2012-2013  Pam Goodell

2011-2012  Mary Hill

2010-2011  Marilyn Rolseth

2009-2010  Jodi Steele

2008-2009  Edith Dishman

2007-2008  Liz Swearingen

2006-2007  Tina Adams

2006-2007  Stacey Koerner

2005-2006  Mary Jo Simmons

2004-2005  Susan Thomas

2003-2004  Sherryl Johnson

2002-2003  Barbie DeMoss

2001-2002  Carri Yount

2000-2001  Andrea Sokol

1999-2000  Kristi George

1998-1999  Darlene Grace

1997-1998  Kristi Merchant

1997-1998  Bridget Ball

1996-1997  Elise Linden

1995-1996  Jane Tobben

1994-1995  Sherry Sossaman